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Useful tips for client on how to plan ahead for a translation

Posted on 6 August, 2015 at 12:41
 Try to remove extra content that is not needed to reduce word count.

3. Make sure your document is in its final version before sending it to translation

It is not a good idea to make changes to your source document during translation as this wastes translator’s time and could cause errors. It can also lead to phrases being translated twice and extra revisions which will translate in higher costs for your translation.

4. Provide reference materials or documents translated in the past

Providing a glossary or a document that has been translated in the past will save both translator’s time and yours. The translator does not have to waste his time with research or yours when contacting you to clarify certain terms used in the source document.

5. Avoid images containing text unless it is necessary

Images containing text will cost you more to be translated. The translator is not a designer, so the translation manager will have to add a designer to the team in order to recreate the images with translated text. This will surely put more pressure on your translation budget.

6. Make sure you use editable documents

The translator can only translate editable documents. If you use documents that can not be edited, the translation manager will have to ask their DTP team to transform the source into an editable one and this will reflect on your translation budget.

7. Plan ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to send your document to translation. Some may charge you extra for this.

8. Provide a comfortable deadline

A good translator can translate up to 2000 words per day. If he/she has to do extensive research for some terms in your source document he/she will only be able to translate half of that. Providing a comfortable deadline will allow the translator, editor and proofreader enough time to give a quality output.

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